I admire the council for finally attempting to do something …

Comment on Trouble in CBD: Ranger or ambassador? by Mark.

I admire the council for finally attempting to do something about the problem! I have previously written about all the humbug that al-fresco diners both in the mall and even inside restaurants face.
Very few restaurant owners / managers seem willing or able to chase these people away. Too many visitors to town even encourage the humbugging behaviours for fear of being racist! They tolerate what I am sure they would never tolerate at home.
SO, what is to be done? And will the problem fade away at 4:21 PM when said employee heads home? Of course not. It would seem to me that employing an Arrernte man is really setting him up for future problems.
While it seems a real obvious solution, in practice I fear it will prove not so. Surely police ON FOOT PATROL in the mall, both regular and ACPO (Aboriginal Community Police Officer) are ideally suited to undertake this task?
Why it hasn’t been happening is the real issue. Maybe the desk duty is, as @ Kamare proposes, the reason.
But, really, with all the Indigenous organisations in town you would think that there were ample resources to address this problem!
The entry points into the Mall are few. Could not these be patrolled and the few regular offenders sent packing unless they have legitimate business, much like the police quickly identify the problem drinkers outside the liquor outlets? Hardly rocket science. Goodness, we can make a simple problem complicated … and expensive!

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