Great story, Erwin, bringing us up to date with a …

Comment on Indigenous business shows way to camel profits by Graeme Henderson.

Great story, Erwin, bringing us up to date with a real enterprise in the NT and not just new ways of wasting money.
I’ve seen some of these trucks of camels on the Stuart Highway and it is great to know the back story.
I think similar entrepreneurial use could be made of the wild horses in the outback such as around Hermansburg; not to ship to abattoirs but to be used for trail rides to places like Palm Valley.

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Visions of Utopia
Great article about the positive things going on in Utopia, unlike Pilger’s polemic piece of propaganda. I have visited these places myself and I know the positive things that are going on.
There are huge problems still to overcome with no easy solutions. Pilger was especially notable for offering none.

Murdoch’s Centralian Advocate probes Alice Springs News Online – and engages in selective quoting
As a longtime journalist and country newspaper editor now retired, and a irregular but reasonably frequent visitor to Alice Springs, I want to say how much respect I have for Erwin (whom I have never met by the way) and his fearless and factual reporting. And I know the difficulties of fighting an unjustified defamation case. All power to you and the Alice Spring News.

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