What a great good news story! A terrific venture bound …

Comment on Indigenous business shows way to camel profits by Phil Walcott.

What a great good news story! A terrific venture bound by connection to culture. It’s always about relationships … how we grow them and how we respect them.
Let’s see this industry thrive for all the right reasons. Building social capacity in tandem with fiscal sensibility will always be a winner.

Phil Walcott Also Commented

Indigenous business shows way to camel profits
@ Once was Conservative. Great to see you acknowledge the tremendous work continually being achieved through the dedicated, hard work of Jimmy Cocking and his team at ALEC.
I made the decision over 12 months ago to make a monthly donation (albeit a small one) to the organisation when they had their funding so ruthlessly cut by the incumbent NT government.
ALEC presents a perceived threat (as it should) to the mistruths and collusion perpetrated by the oil and gas industries in cohort with the NTG.
Trying to de-fund them out of existence can’t work whilst ever there are community member sponsors. An intelligent and passionate young leader, Jimmy achieves so much at the Territory and national environmental stages. He and his team are to be congratulated for so much of the work they do often on a pro-bono basis.
Perhaps, you too might consider becoming a Desert Defender sponsor? All donations are tax deductible.

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Between the sun and the moon, the spirit of David Nixon
So many thanks for being, Dave Nixon.

We met first at one of the infamous Piggy (Bacon) Street parties some 25 years ago where I shared with Cheryl, Neen and Lyndalee. You and Jo rocked up to the gig adding your own brightness to the shenanigans. Filled with a love of life and a sense of great humour, you both impressed this recently arrived ‘blow in’ from Sydney as two special spirits whose impacts were yet to be revealed.

Over the ensuing quarter century (BK – before kids), our connection grew into a friendship that would evolve over time. Your mutual connection with what grew into being the Alice Springs Beanie Festival was a joy to behold. I witnessed your strong passion for the people of this wonderful town and her environs.

I observed your passion for story-telling and the ways in which you sought to share that with so many. The ‘Story Wall’ project on the Adelaide House lawns, your connection with and capturing of the local Heritage Festival, your commitment to Jo’s tilt to be elected to the NT Legislative Assembly were just some of your many contributions to our town and region.

Your substantial dedication to me in my attempts to be elected to the NT Legislative Assembly in 2012 and 2016 are also acknowledged. Your guidance and input allowed me to better understand the process. Your direction provided my campaign with some energy and perspective.

You created quite an indelible impact on our town, Dave. You have left an endearing legacy. Alice will be forever grateful for all that as you helped to forge her past, present & future. She will be forever blessed because of your being…my loving thanks to you, Monty, Tom, Nellie, Jo and Franca for being who you were and who you are.

Phil XX

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Many thanks, Rainer … shared on the www.yesnt.org site.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
@ Psuedo Guru. Discipline comes from within; not imposed. That’s called punishment.
@ The Gongoozler. “Normal” is a relative concept. What may be “normal” to you may not be to someone else.

Former Alice youth advocate gets Oz Day honour
Huge congratulations on an award so very much deserved, Bernie. May your good work keep flowing long into the future.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Great story shared, Rainer. You have inherited your mother’s gift for writing with passion and conviction.

Thanks for inviting us readers in for a glimpse of how being ‘on country’ can be so empowering for young Aboriginal people. A connection to culture that is sorely missing in the constructed, urban environment. Aboriginal people clearly see and experience the world through a different lens to that of the ‘coloniser’.

You are a young man with huge reference to humanity and cultural well-being. You are clearly an integral part of the positive future solutions for the young people with whom you work.

Congratulations for your insight, understanding and enlightening stories.

I’ll share this through the social media networks available on this site. Would you mind if I also added this story to my www.yesnt.org page and the YES Facebook pages?

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