Schools lobby hits out at Education Minister



Sir – We’re asking the Education Minister, why the urgency?
We have families who are hearing that the Minister wants to push through the education legislation urgently this week in the current sittings. How is this possible when no-one has seen the amended Education Bill?
How is this possible when we have never seen the Education Regulations?
Territorians would be deeply upset to hear that their Local Member would support such important legislation being rushed through Parliament.


If Minister Peter Chandler is seriously asking community representatives to pass the legislation under ‘urgency’ – this would result in eight working days from showing the Legislation to asking the Parliament to pass it.
In anyone’s language, how is this consultation?


This is not about the Ministers timetable. This is about open, transparent and considered process.


Of particular concern are our remote and very remote families and schools. In the Territory 73% of our government schools are located in remote and very remote areas and 47% of our students are enrolled in these schools.
Our remote and very remote families, often the most voiceless must be consulted and heard,” urged Mrs Fudge.


Tabby Fudge

President Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations (COGSO)



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  1. Paul Parker
    Posted November 20, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Only urgent action is for the NT Government to publish online so community has the information. Until then real discussion remains difficult.

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