Jason Newman. Can you please state your relationship to the …

Comment on Town council: tiger or doormat? by Tennant Creek Winds.

Jason Newman. Can you please state your relationship to the CLP, and any past or current roles?
You knock the recent job that Alice Springs Councillors did in handling the fracking gas pipeline, but in fact due to the balance of numbers they took a “down the middle” approach.
Thanks to the balance of power of the recent Council, they didn’t sell-out Alice Springs residents, so many of whom are against fracking. They didn’t go around chasing the fracking dollar by promising land deals and the sweeteners that so typify NT politics.
But neither did they vote for a symbolic Alice Springs moratorium and lock themselves out of the conversation – so that those inclined towards fracking could stay in the conversation.
Any Councillor who was for or against fracking was thus free to use their influence and free speech (outside Council) as they saw fit on the matter. It was a good outcome.
Your attempt to portray Tennant Creek as on board with fracking is wrong and that “Alice Springs just sat on their hands” is an attempt to push CLP spin.

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