Law outing child sex offenders delayed

p2102elferinkjohnokLETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – The introduction of Daniel’s Law, which would establish a website featuring serious convicted child sex offenders, will be delayed to allow more consultation on some aspects of the proposed legislation.


Daniel’s Law is named after Daniel Morecombe, who was abducted and murdered by a convicted child sex offender.


As a result of briefings and concerns raised by stakeholder groups I believe there are some aspects of the Bill which could be refined.


Daniel’s Law is critically important to the mums and dads of the Territory. I have spoken to hundreds of parents about this proposed law and the support has been overwhelming.


As with other recent legislation, the Government has provided detailed briefings to Labor and the Independents, as well as to third party groups.


I have listened to the suggestions regarding Daniel’s Law and as a consequence the Government has decided to defer the Bill to listen to more interest groups.


The Government will again consult with Independent members, the legal profession and victim organisations.


John Elferink (pictured)
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice



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