Andrew called me from Alice about a month ago and …

Comment on Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri by Charlie McMahon.

Andrew called me from Alice about a month ago and said he was crook and called because he said “heard you were comin back murra hook tjpangardi yilta”. Don’t know what that was about.
It happens occasionally folks call from Alice out of the blue, not a lot to do. I guess you can leave some country but that red country might not leave you.
I sent a parcel of choice second hand music addressed to him and Marlene at Kintore but he may not have received it. Anyway a very fine fellow. Andrew’s spirit lives on in the memories we have and deserving of the the high esteem expressed by you lot, some I remember well.

Charlie McMahon Also Commented

Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri
Andrew called on the phone about five weeks ago. Said “Murra Hook you coming coming back kuwarri yilta”.
Don’t know where that notion came from. Maybe the recent visit and it happens now and then old friends call me from out of the blue when in Alice Hospital.
He did not want to say much about himself and its fitting that folks speak so well of him here.
Anyway I said I would send a parcel of choice 2nd hand and some music for him and Marlene and he asked that it be sent to Kintore but he probably did not get well enough to go back there.

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