I’m sorry to hear that Japaljarri, a wonderful man and …

Comment on Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri by Heather Carey.

I’m sorry to hear that Japaljarri, a wonderful man and leader has passed away. Very sad and a loss to his family and community.
Hinton, Christine and others, like myself and Mark Abbott, Peter Toyne were able to help out with programs at Yuendumu because the community were welcoming and happy to allow whitefellers, with their crazy ways, to be part of the Walpiri community at Yuendumu.
They shared their knowledge with us and that was a truly special gift and insight into another world.
Many of his generation were extraordinary people, as children grew up walking in the bush, now gone. Too young.
Thinking of Marlene and his relations at Yuendumu, including my niece Adeline – also his niece.

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