Eight of the top ten most radioactive sites in the …

Comment on Nuke dump: What’s the rush? by Waldon Greg.

Eight of the top ten most radioactive sites in the world are sites where nuclear waste has been stored, abandoned or dumped. To live in any one of these places would mean a cursed life.

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Nuke dump: What’s the rush?
I encourage people to get involved. These decisions will effect all future generations. Every tonne of nuclear waste is a curse on all future generations.
We have a moral and ethical responsibility not to espouse nuclear. There are only three deep waste dumps in the world today that have held nuclear waste, they have all leaked. There are inherent dangers with handling waste.
* Mayak Chemical Combine 400,000 people contaminated for more than 2 decades without knowing;
* Chernobyl, 1,000,000+ contaminated people displaced, dead or disabled;
* Pripyat, 700,000 conscripted to clean up 24,000 dead and 70,000 disabled;
* Beatty, fire in nuclear waste dump underground explosions with 140 miles of road blocked off with radioactive particles released into enviroment;
* Carlsbad WIPP, another fire, more dead in nuclear waste storage;
* Fufushima, 1,000+ peda becquerels released into the enviroment, contaminated deaths suppressed.
* Pacific Ocean, north of the equator million upon millions of deaths in sea life reports of the pacific will soon be void of life.
To embrace nuclear waste will prostituting Australia and we will be the pimps.
Plutonium fuel rods are covered with zirconium alloy (zircaloy) this product will self ignite in five hours contact with air. For 100 tonne of fuel rods to burn is equal to 2,000 Hiroshimas or five Chernobyls.
FOOD: Japan’s safe standard for food is less than 100 Becquerels/kilo, our standard is up to 1200Bq/Kg 12 x worst. This means 1 liter of water = 1 kilo with 1200 radioactive particles disintegrating every second second second second.
The Department of Agriculture stopped testing radioactive food coming to Australia on the 23rd of January 2014. The Japanese people are now growing food again nine kilometers from ground zero at Daiichi Fukushima, and selling to England; Canada; USA; New Zealand and Australia.
China, Taiwan and Korea refuse Japanese food into their countries. It is erroneous to believe there is any gain by accepting waste. We are only taking a costly gamble with our children’s future and generations to come when there is no turning back.

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