Dave Price. With due respect to your personal story this …

Comment on Nuke dump: What’s the rush? by Andy Simpson-Smith.

Dave Price. With due respect to your personal story this is absolutely not about anyone trying to deny average Australians from life saving technologies.
You are certainly entitled to have what ever opinion you see fit, but continuing with the tired “kick the southern activists” argumentative approach on this topic doesn’t really achieve much.
It might win you a few fans perhaps but it won’t really contribute much to a national discussion we as Alice Springs residents would do well to take seriously.
Yes we all know where you’ve put your money, but for you to so readily dismiss the importance of the thin-end-of-the-wedge considerations relative to nuclear waste is doing a disservice to the broader community ready to learn and participate in this debate.
You have political nous and often make decent contributions to this forum. Why not take a breather and try again?
This needs to be a sensible time for national debate about how we take responsibility for the decisions we made in the past – and how to manage the legacies of this industry into the future.

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