@ Evelyne Roullet, Posted December 11, 2015 at 7:02 pm: I …

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@ Evelyne Roullet, Posted December 11, 2015 at 7:02 pm:
I have read just today that enshrined in the enabling legislation covering the proposed national nuclear waste facility is a clause prohibiting the storage of any but Australian waste.
So I returned to your comment and re-read your link. That article speaks of the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2005 and subsequent amendments (2006). It also cites something called the ANSTO Bill passed around the same time. The implication in the article is that acceptance of other countries nuclear waste would be allowed.
It’s now a decade later, the controversy is heating up again and neither John Howard nor Alexander Downer are anywhere in sight. As stated above, I have today read an article that seems to contradict the conclusions drawn in your link. So I wonder if you could enlighten us as to which of the two is correct.

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Nuke dump: What’s the rush?
@ Fred the Philistine, Posted December 19, 2015 at 11:49 am: I can’t agree with Woomera, but no question that the nearby Maralinga would be the optimum site. Trouble is, Maralinga is not an option. And while Woomera is currently being used for some temporary storage, it’s not an option either.
I suppose either Queensland or NSW could be picked, but with so many more people over on that side, the protests will be correspondingly bigger. Political headaches!
The three sites in SA all look fairly remote on the map, and the local Federal Member, Rowan Ramsey, sounds like he is fully onside. SA looks to have the inside running on this.
If, and I grant it’s a big if, the waste to be stored is to be kept to Australian waste, then we’re not looking at the really nasty stuff. And with Lucas Heights set to increase production of medical products, then we do need a national site.
And what makes you think I haven’t been down to the area on the Old South Road?

Nuke dump: What’s the rush?
@ Evelyne Roullet, Posted December 17, 2015 at 9:03am: I agree that the Centralian Advocate is not “our own”, but rather another pony in Rupert’s stable. I merely used the term to indicate where I found my quote. And I read it in spite of its owner because it does speak of local issues.
The same article asserts that Lucas Heights only has space and funding until 2023. True? Maybe.
I too followed the progress of the cargo ship bringing waste from France to Sydney. The objections and protests didn’t seem to accomplish much. The ship docked in Sydney, and the waste is now in Lucas Heights, or so we are told.
Where to from there is the pertinent question. I still think the momentum to a single site is well advanced, and exactly where it will go will be announced directly. Subject to an environment impact statement and an iron-clad guarantee that only Australian waste will ever be stored there, I can see no compelling reason not to choose the site on the Old South Road. Not-in-my-backyard doesn’t quite cut it with me.
Of course Maralinga is the most sensible destination, or at least it is to my mind. And I do wonder what we are not being told about the current state of that site and/or what plans are afoot for its future use.

Nuke dump: What’s the rush?
@ Evelyne Roullet, Posted December 16, 2015 at 5:44pm: My source is our very own local newspaper, whose name must not be mentioned on this site. Tuesday’s edition, and where they got their information from is not included.
Smoke and mirrors abound to be sure, but I feel a single waste site is coming either here or there. I also feel the primary goal of all concerned should not be to stop the site no matter what, but to ensure that only waste from Australia is stored there.
And why not Maralinga? What aren’t we being told about that contaminated site?
[ED – Hi Hal, you’re welcome to mention the Centralian Advocate.]

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Pine Gap and Five Eyes: what did they know about COVID-19?
Charlie, Did you see the Donald on tonight’s news? If I’m not mistaken he’s suggesting people inject ultraviolet light (is that possible?) and/or a cleaning fluid.
Clearly the man is as mad as a meat axe, but he does have the world hanging on and repeating his every word.
And you say you are not amused? Chill! At least Putin is (for now?) off the hook.
China did it.
And just to clarify, I did say conspiracy theories are, or can be, amusing. That’s because they are.
I also think the flim flam man is a hoot and good fun. That’s because he is.
I did not say the death of 50,000 is amusing or fun, and it’s a cheap ad hominum misdirection from you to insinuate I did.

Pine Gap and Five Eyes: what did they know about COVID-19?
Fair go, Charlie.
You use terms like “robust form of evidence”, and “very strong indicator” to advance a theory, and then level suggestions of conspiracy theories on any other interpretation.
All I’m saying is an open mind is a good mind to have.
As for conspiracy theories, they’re entertaining. Mostly bullshit, a bit like elections, but good fun. Just watch the Golden Golem of Greatness, the great flim flam man himself. Do you really think he’s not enjoying himself?

Pine Gap and Five Eyes: what did they know about COVID-19?
@ Charlie Carter, Posted April 22, 2020 at 2:59 pm: I wish I could share your certainty that the origin of Covid-19 is settled, but I rather think an open mind here might be more useful.
As this attempt to assign culpability to China progresses, and with the emergence of quite massive legal cases gaining momentum in the US, China will defend herself.
It will be at least interesting, and possibly informative, to learn what she has to say about how and where this all started.
And isn’t it true that as new evidence emerges, scientific theses evolve? I doubt if any of this is fully done and dusted just yet.

Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
Gnoilya, I certainly did not intend to come across as whining, more like just pointing out the absurdity of the situation.
However, since you not only misspelt my name, but also managed to miss my point, I wonder if that makes you a stationary vertical object?

Pine Gap and Five Eyes: what did they know about COVID-19?
An answer to the leading question in the above story can be found toward the end of an article found here.(When the author speaks of our government and an ABC News story, he is speaking as an American.)
“But with the horrific consequences of our own later governmental inaction being obvious, sources within our intelligence agencies have sought to demonstrate that they were not the ones asleep at the switch. Earlier this month, an ABC News story cited four separate government sources to reveal that as far back as late November, a special medical intelligence unit within our Defense Intelligence Agency had produced a report revealing than an out-of-control disease epidemic was occurring in the Wuhan area of China, and widely distributed that document throughout the top ranks of our government, warning that steps should be taken to protect US forces based in Asia. After the story aired, a Pentagon spokesman officially denied the existence of that November report, while various other top level government and intelligence officials refused to comment. But a few days later, Israeli television revealed that in November American intelligence had indeed shared such a report on the Wuhan disease outbreak with its NATO and Israeli allies, thus seeming to independently confirm the complete accuracy of the original ABC story and its several government sources.
It therefore appears that elements of the Defense Intelligence Agency were aware of the deadly viral outbreak in Wuhan more than a month before any officials in the Chinese government itself. Unless our intelligence agencies have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.”
I consider that there have been two, and now three, seminal events over the course of my life:
1) Was there a second shooter in Dallas?
2) How did Building Number 7 collapse into its own footprint?
3) Where did Covid-19 come from

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