Seems to me someone has finally managed to get the …

Comment on Bush bakeries and the dough by Janet Peterson.

Seems to me someone has finally managed to get the locals working.
I visit two of these communities on a monthly basis and have been for years.
Finally I can get some great food and coffee and looks to me the locals are enjoying themselves too.
Keep them coffees and fresh sandwiches coming!

Recent Comments by Janet Peterson

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I thought this horrid person had fallen down a hole!
Wonder where all the stock at Mad Harry’s comes from? Could someone local supply?

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Any growth in Alice is a positive. Where shops are closing others are opening.
Kaye should be supporting and encouraging growth rather than constantly placing negatives on people investing in our town.

Lambley broadside: Giles arrogant, dishonest
The one person who has continually embarrassed and thrown accusations around is you Robyn. What a hypocrite!
Enough is enough. Go home. Sick of hearing your bleating.

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