Re athletics: I have many heroes in that particular sporting …

Comment on Indigenous marathon – the chosen few by Graham Tjilpy Buckley.

Re athletics: I have many heroes in that particular sporting endeavour: John Landy (whom I watched as a teenager trying to break the four minute barrier for the mile distance), Herb Elliot, Raelene Boyle, Cathy Freeman and Rob de Castella, to name a few.
All greatly respected athletes the world over. However, I must admit that the Indigenous Marathon Project initiated by Rob de Castella has left me wondering in that what are the actual goals for this costly activity?
What follow-up assessments have been done on those who have participated in it over the years?
As you state, Erwin, it is claimed by the Federal Health Department that as part of its strategy of health promotion to the community this project meets that need. You correctly ask: How is that strategy working?
Now, I must admit to having a bias towards cycling as a community health benefit.
There are other exercise pursuits of course which help too. Nevertheless, I would love to have access to just a tiny fraction of the IMP money as I firmly believe there would be a much greater chance of developing an ongoing program that would have a more realistic chance of providing much needed health benefits to communities.

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