@ Michael: If we are talking about “ours” and “theirs”, …

Comment on Indigenous marathon – the chosen few by Reclaim our Tax Money!.

@ Michael: If we are talking about “ours” and “theirs”, then don’t use the following: Modern medical care, the dentist, cars (Troopies), houses, beds, clothing, supermarket food, aircon, TV, radio (bin CAAMA and IMPAJA), the dole … to name some.
You need to understand that Australian demographics are changing at many levels. The ’70s generation of hand-wringers are entering retirement and will possibly be your competitors for the tax dollar – Aboriginal sit down money versus the aged pension. Should be interesting.
My partner is a new Australian who comes from a country that has little support for the aged, unemployed etc. and he feels he doesn’t owe you anything. Nor do I.

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Indigenous marathon – the chosen few
The “F” word again. Funding, funding, funding and it mostly goes to anything Aboriginal.
Sick of politicians thieving my hard earned money for “funding”. Go fund yourselves!

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Feds can kill Darwin port deal, says academic
The Feds no doubt can do this as the NT is not a state and Canberra rules. However, wasn’t it Canberra that approved the deal in the first place, so are they likely to pull the plug?
If China is so offensive to us, is it not hypocritical to deal with them at all? Let’s have no more cheap goods. When Bunnings, Woolies, Coles, K-Mart, Target and all the clothing retails have been reduced to the level of the 1950s corner shops selling goods at many, many times the present price, then can we all sit back and sigh … good job – got rid of the Chinese.
However, China is not an enemy of Australia – it is a very important trade partner and it is suggested the property market here would not be doing so well without Chinese investment.
Also, do not underestimate the insult to Asians living in China or here (such as myself) if that plug is pulled. We often receive bad press, some deserved but mostly not.
I can say one thing with certainty and that is – hell will freeze over before you get my vote Mr Labor Party man standing as an “Independent” Phil Walcott.

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