Deek has a IMP Fun Run here in the Barossa …

Comment on Indigenous marathon – the chosen few by John Dermody.

Deek has a IMP Fun Run here in the Barossa Valley, whereby he rattles a tin for donations.
I suspect he fails to admit that to date he has received over $3m in State and Federal funds for this project.
I also suspect he fails to say that for a considerable period of time he managed to pay himself $2,000 per day PLUS expenses for his service to Aboriginal people.
There was justifiable outrage at the likes of Bronwyn Bishop and others wasting taxpayers money.
Small change to the over $200,000 that Deek has managed to sock away into his private accounts (as shown in an Auditor General’s audit).
[ED – We have invited Deek to respond to this comment. We also put several questions to him on December 24 about financial issues of this project but received no response.]

Recent Comments by John Dermody

All Quiet on the Western Front: Not, say media.
I respect the views of Frank Baarda and his history at Yuendumu.
I thought I saw and heard on TV that there were “mass” rallies around Australia concerning the unfortunate incident at Yuendumu.
How many people who attended those rallies have been to Yuendumu – or indeed witnessed what occurred?
I have no knowledge of what police policies are concerning carrying firearms.
I gather Mr Baarda enquired that concealed firearms under any circumstances are no longer allowed to be carried?

With Gunner and Scullion, Batchelor doesn’t need Santa
One of the mystery’s of Government funding! How does Deek get so much money, with no accountability? He then has the gall to rattle the tin at fun runs under a guise of philanthropy? Spare me!

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