Artists earning millions do not do this tax free, same …

Comment on Indigenous marathon – the chosen few by Paul Parker.

Artists earning millions do not do this tax free, same for those on Centrelink benefits.
The Centrelink Fraud Tip-off Line is still 13 1524.
The Commonwealth needs to clarify responsibilities, not hide them in forests of legislation, clauses and sub-clauses, and worst of all, hidden elsewhere in exemptions, which most of us struggle to make sense of.

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Indigenous marathon – the chosen few
Re: Jason Posted January 8, 2016 at 12:50 pm
Whether any high income earners remain dependent on Centrelink, or without Centrelink income deductions, is a matter Centrelink needs be examined over.
Many artists are beneficiaries of the corporate Land Trusts, these Land Trusts were long term allowed to ignore their responsibilities as landlords.
Commonwealth exempts these Land Trusts from being held accountable.
Commonwealth obstructs attempts to resolve issues.
Commonwealth obstructs legal representation – courts require to progress towards judicial resolution of these issues.
Commonwealth protects these Trusts, their management, their agents and their employees from being held accountable in court.
This denial of judicial relief is part of the Commonwealth’s active support and promotion of apartheid.
Families are also victims of this apartheid, this segregation.
Many of the artists do have housing constructed using public funds on land they own through their Land Trusts. All this is created by the Commonwealth to promote apartheid.
Commonwealth is principal source of funds to construct housing, and other facilities, on lands owned by these ALR(NT) Land Trusts.
Commonwealth exempts these Land Trusts landlords from the requirement to issue reasonable tenancy leases.
Do banks lend money without security?
Why does Commonwealth NOT, and so guarantee such generous funds to all who do struggle, using their own savings, purchase a block of land, so they also can afford to build a house?
Why does NT Government not provide such generous financing?
Re education: Neither parents, nor public, nor media, find it easy to review schooling in these communities, other than NAPLAN which provides some reports.
So Yirara College management dances to tunes played by NT and Commonwealth, mostly to hide and protect Ministers.
Many youths, many adults, are distressed to discover feeling they are doing well. It is inadequate when tested whether in schools, NAPLAN tests, job interviews, arrested or in prison.
Suicide is far to common a reaction when they discover reality.
In the past four decades Mal Brough was the only Minister who seriously started to address structural causes of these problems.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Territory Alliance looking beyond COVID-19
Does anyone really deserve long waits in Centrelink queues? Perhaps only those with appointments who turn up late.

NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
Re: Peter Posted March 22, 2020 at 8:01pm.
Hospitals may need restrict face to face visits to reduce cross-infections.
Those with mobiles already can use video-links.
Perhaps hospital can provide a small video-conference room for each ward so available at arranged times for staff and/or patients to be able to video-conference.
This is suggested to aged care services facing restriction on visits to residents.

Coronavirus strategies in the bush still a work in progress
For many activists their primary goal is to maintain separation and dependencies of our families in rural and remote communities, delaying learning skills we all need to improve our own lives in our wider, modern, and far more comfortable, world.
The corporate Land Owner Trust(s) exclude themselves from being held responsible and accountable for living conditions they as the corporate land owners are responsible for.
Communities are obtaining housing, radio, and TV.
Communities need to use internet to educate themselves.
Reducing public group close contact, better general cleaning, provision and regular use of soap are essential.
We do not need treat everyone like idiots.
Those identified as infected need be isolated within caring environments.
COVID-19 aka Coronavirus is spreading, most who get it will have it mild.
Our goal is to reduce number of deaths while it spreads.
Our most at risk are a small section of our population.
We need educate those at risk, and assist them.
For those with serious risk, required is lesser contact with others.
We need reduce deaths whilst we build up an immunity.
Social distancing does not requiring being locked away, being “managed” to deny you your right for family, relations, others to visit you when you want.
Those who fail their own basic self-management are those most likely to be forcibly managed.

Horses perish in abandoned Aboriginal outstation
People may be living on the land from time to time.
Did these residents obtain clearly worded leases from the relevant corporate Land Trust(s)?
If not, the relevant corporate Land Trust(s) should be held accountable.
Failing to hold relevant corporate owners accountable before the courts appears either to be neglect of duty or an act of racism.

Conservative vote: Territory Alliance up, CLP down in Johnston
The current constructs claiming to be our “human rights” are seriously flawed and contradicting the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Many constructs appear as inferior and divisive layers to the original declaration as proclaimed and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.
Those adopted principles begin declaring the equality of every human person to be equal and inalienable shared individual rights and freedoms.
Political activists, those seeking to govern, re-interpret the 1948 declaration to justify their expressions of prejudices, of racism, of rejecting our shared equal and inalienable human rights.
Either we all share same legal rights and legal responsibilities, or we are divided by prejudices.

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