Empties raise cash to help with school fees

p2308-Apex-1By ERWIN CHLANDA


A drive to raise school fees for underprivileged children got a boost yesterday with a new collection depot.


The temporary facility, set up by the roadside in Edler Street, collected some 3000 drink containers from 15 people delivering their stash, and Apex Club of Central Australia members making five pick-ups.


Club secretary Sarah Hore says the glass, aluminium and plastic containers, all qualifying for a 10 cent deposit refund, raised about $300.


Participants surrender the refund to the club, but it saves them doing the sorting required by commercial depots. Apex had run a similar depot on the Camel Cup grounds since June last year.


Ms Hore says the Elder Street facility will be available on the last Saturday of each month, between 10am and 12noon, outside the Chubb Fire premises which is also providing storage.


The company’s manager, Ben Crawford, who last week became the Centralian Volunteer of the Year, is a member of the club.


The project aims to provide fees for year seven to twelve students wishing to attend schools such as St Philip’s and OLSH.


The club meets fortnightly. Apex used to be a young men’s club with an age limit of 45. Both restrictions were lifted some time ago.


PICTURED are (from left) Ms Hore, Neil Egan, Peter Shupleworth, Troy Wilson and president Amanda Kuhn.



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