Aren’t politicians who go on study trips required to table …

Comment on Cops called in on overseas trip by Chandler: details by Dave.

Aren’t politicians who go on study trips required to table a report on the trip to Parliament?

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Chansey taking a chance?
Sorry to hear that Chansey.

Hospital is approaching use-by date: Lambley
@ Trevor Shiell: I am unclear from your comment whether or not you support the concept of a new hospital south of the Gap.
The majority of those who would work at and visit the hospital and any other increased commercial / industrial development at Brewer would travel from north of the Gap and further add to the volume of traffic through it.
I find it hard to imagine a proposal to widen or tunnel through the Gap getting up: re-routing the railway line, a whole other kettle of fish itself, is perhaps more likely?

As DD looms: Where Is Wazza?
Spotted again at the footy in Alice on Saturday and in Darwin city today with Chancey Paech, who must have been absent from last night’s Alice Springs Town Council meeting? I can confirm Warren is alive and looks well.

As DD looms: Where Is Wazza?
Spotted last night, with Bill Shorten at a Reconciliation Week event. In the heart of his electorate, Melbourne. Oh wait …

Interpreter lives the Redtails way
Acknowledging that this short story is as much about the positive influence of the Redtails as it is about the man, it seems worthy of a more in-depth sequel if Curtis is up for it.
How has he actually got to where he is – e.g. what is his family and educational background and early adult life (teens, twenties? And what has made him choose against grog and idleness now and to have kids a lot later in life than many of his peers?
Counter-culturally he is off his home country and in Alice (but not a town camp) at least five days a week while his mates (and extended family?) are still in TiTree – how does he and they feel about this?
If he gets humbug by family for money or accommodation, how are these obligations (as they are seen) managed?
I appreciate these are quite personal questions and it’s completely up to Curtis whether or not to share more, but doing so might give a lot more context to this positive but brief profile.

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