Building rules are being manipulated with this racist measure. Further …

Comment on Builders incensed over Indigenous rules for govt. jobs by Outback Academic.

Building rules are being manipulated with this racist measure. Further racism is happening within the NT Public Service as well, with special or one could argue racist measures.
Merit based selection is removed to employ first by race. This is a policy Robert M from ZW should claim as his own and would applaud. Recently special measures have caused confusion in NT Health. JDs are changed to help Aboriginal people get recruited without merit. Racism is flourishing in the NT and the NTG and NTPS are the biggest culprits. Looking for a story on this topic Erwin.

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‘They are afraid for their children’
Sorry, the Australian public voted on this very issue at the last election to make a firm stand.
We have terrible conditions for our First Australians.
I would love to be able to help every downtrodden person in the world, however perhaps it is time for some other countries to take some of these people or to house the people in who they accepted at their airports on tourism visas, full well knowing their intentions to deal with organised criminals on their illegal economic migration into Australia.
Hopefully ABC will lose their bias and report some truths for a change, modifying their obvious electoral bias in this area.

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