At what point are the government (of whatever stripe) going …

Comment on Builders incensed over Indigenous rules for govt. jobs by Another Observer.

At what point are the government (of whatever stripe) going to take responsibility for their abject failure in relation to indigenous employment.
WHY should private enterprise be forced to accept people with criminal records, with NO literacy skills and who can’t turn up to work on time?
At some point the education department and the department of families need to take responsibility for their failures – it shouldn’t be up to private enterprise to FIX government problems.
A number of policies are foisted onto taxpayers by public servants who are here for a couple of years and then head off down south, with their resumes puffed up with their dogoodery. Those public servants need to be held to account for the losses that business are experiencing.
I don’t know of any business who wouldn’t employ an Aboriginal person because they are Aboriginal – they won’t employ them because they don’t have the skills that are needed. It is racism at it’s worst.
The old adage, that you can lead a horse to water has never been truer than in relation to targeted Indigenous employment programmes.

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Builders incensed over Indigenous rules for govt. jobs
@ Evelyne: This isn’t about Aboriginal people taking the jobs of white people – it is about the NTG mandating the rate at which private enterprise must employ Aboriginal people.
As I mentioned in my earlier post – I don’t know ANY business in ASP that wouldn’t hire someone because of the colour of their skin.
Unlike government, private enterprise just can’t afford to have seat warmers or shovel holders standing around and not doing the job, or worse not turning up for work.
It is up to government to ensure that young people coming out of the schools are job ready – FFS, how many thousands do private enterprise already pay in job ready programmes etc.
Remember, private enterprise taxes fund ALL of these programmes – only then to have people who are not capable of doing the job.
The other issue of course is taxpayer funded businesses / not for profits who are eating into the private sector market. Again, it isn’t rocket science, but if you aren’t paying tax at the same rate as private enterprise, then why should you be favoured over those who are paying full tote odds?

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Builders mad: Spin slips cog, no ‘sorry’ from Adam Giles
Perhaps it is time that the NT residents started to seriously consider administration by the Commonwealth.
Given that we have public servants and “policy” makers who are failing to see the increasing costs that they are imposing on private sector businesses, public servants who feel that it is their right to target some business for “compliance” but not others, it is all really starting to get beyond a joke.
One just has to take a look around the town – those businesses have gone, and they aren’t coming back anytime soon.
Perhaps the NTG could provide an “in service” to their employees instructing them on how the funds that they “administer” (and I use that term very loosely) are actually raised.

Giles accepts resignation of van Holthe from Cabinet
11 ministries since Giles shafted Terry Mills. 11!
And this clown thinks he can provide the NT with stable government – bring on the election!

Closing the Gap: Lofty words, inadequate deeds
@ Russell: Don’t you find it funny that events that happened 200 years ago are being used as an excuse for bad behaviour.
We were assured that land rights would “fix” the relationship between indigenous and so called non-indigenous – didn’t happen.
Then we were told, say Sorry – that will “fix” the relationship – nope, in my view it has gotten worse.
Now we are being told a change to the constitution will fix things – can’t see it myself.
I don’t ask anyone to change – I respect your “culture” but how about you respect mine?
When you talk about “closing the gap” – it is costing the Australian taxpayer an awful lot of money to keep people in the poverty to which they have grown accustomed.
Personal responsibility is a wonderful thing – I could have sat on my clacker too, not gone to school and followed the example set by generations prior to me. Parents at some stage need to take responsibility for the damage that they are doing to their children.

Power Water split hindered blackout remedy: Union
Point of order Mr Kirby – I doubt any PWC employee “volunteered”. All would have been paid very nicely, thank you.

A new ‘Made in Prison’ row?
The whole point that is missed in this bloody debacle is that the prison system is taking work / supply from private enterprise – remember private enterprise, the ones that pay taxes.
Those in the prison system, including the DOJ employees DO NOT pay tax.
If you are paid by the government (at whatever level), then all monies that you receive come from the private sector.
Further, it is an uneven playing field – how the hell can local business compete with subsidised labour and administration?
The fact that Giles seems to think that raising the GST will fix his $ problems makes my head spin – given that he is driving people out of business with his harebrained schemes.
Between this, and the 10% of TOTAL contract value to be given to Indigenous people how the hell is business supposed to expand, employ people and in turn pay taxes?
It is a sick joke andquite frankly, I’m waiting (patiently) for the CLP to door knock my house in the lead up to the next election so that they can cop it in person.

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