Taxes on profits fund measures aimed at increasing Aboriginal employment. Ergo …

Comment on Builders incensed over Indigenous rules for govt. jobs by Justin.

Taxes on profits fund measures aimed at increasing Aboriginal employment.
Ergo measures that hurt companies and reduce their profitability are counter productive in the long term.
Chief Minister Adam Giles has just destroyed his credibility.

Justin Also Commented

Builders incensed over Indigenous rules for govt. jobs
From a consumer point of view you want well trained efficient tradies doing the work.
These days you are likely to get a tradie with a couple of Aboriginal apprentices in tow.
Fine to pay for three workers if they are all working.
But it’s clear that this is not always the case, the tradie is working the others are looking on.
This has got nothing to do with race, it’s an issue of costs and employing less than suitable people for a job leads to higher costs for the consumer.

Recent Comments by Justin

Old schools, hearing difficulties concerns for COGSO
Excellent that Aboriginal parents and families are concerned about this as we all are.
They can already assist by making their hearing damaged kids wear the hearing aids that have been provided free for the past 20 year in Aboriginal schools.

The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
The council is replacing trees but not adequately watering the new ones.
If I had not stepped in and watered the 7 new trees in my street they would all be dead by now.
Also, they should be removing all the dead and now dangerous trees in our town.

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
Evelyne perhaps it should be relocated to Darwin?
But you do make the point that the Territory suffers from standard Darwin suited buildings.
The Commission houses here are also cyclone proof Darwin clones with rods tying the roofs to the foundations.
Buildings with heritage values in Central Australia need to be more than clones.
When I think of heritage values here wide shady verandahs and local sandstone come to mind.
A pity so much of our true heritage is gone but surely we are not so desperate that Darwin buildings take its place.

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
I taught there for many years. It was hardly fit for purpose as a school and I can’t imagine it being used for any other purpose.
Long corridors with classrooms on both sides.
What would you do with it?
As for preserving it as a heritage building.
I am glad to see it demolished.

Pastoralist finds alive the second of the three missing
Appalling that they were not found within a couple of days. They should have been located very quickly.
Lost people are most likely bogged so fly a chopper down the river bed.
Something is seriously wrong with our search and rescue methods in Central Australia.

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