A dump was prevented near the historic goldfields of central …

Comment on No takers for national nuke waste at public meeting by Pariah Tuck.

A dump was prevented near the historic goldfields of central NSW by concerted community action. There were signs everywhere around Hill End.

Proof of concept research is progressing, regarding extremely long storage of spent rods.

What scares me off is just how vulnerable people are to a military belligerent, which could hold a government hostage if capable of acting on a threat to compromise such a facility.

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Youth offending: law and order or welfare issue?
First and foremost a modelling issue, usually provided by parents, siblings, family and community. Not always the case of course, but probability is high. Genetics also play a part. Ultimately these are influences, sometimes severe, but the decision made rests with the person who made it and the same applies to change.
The article points to big state carrot and stick solutions and this can only be a surrogate for family and community methods when these are dysfunctional and hinder maturation.
With limited taxpayer resources, it is in my view better to prioritise welfare spending on those with the greatest capacity to benefit and legal interventions targeted at problem families and individuals who lead others astray.
I would not be above using political strategies either, to divide and rule with recalcitrant types. This would include taking into account tribal and gender planes of cleavage to achieve disunity amongst groups, with the benign purpose of delivering the more salvagable and marginalising the corrupting influence of the troublemakers.
Patriarchy is useful and equalism is not a substitute. The pendulum needs to swing away from the left to the centre to provide boys with good male role models.

Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy Mayor
And remember kids, slavery is freedom, diversity is strength and cancer is health. Brought to you by your friendly Ministry of Leftism.

1Territory party: Absolutely ‘no’ to fracking
Many people confuse hydraulic fracturing of CSG with other conventional and unconventional traps, which are kilometres deep to the water table
NT has some really good opportunities to attract investment, jobs and development.
Australia has some of the strictest regulation on the planet.
It is reasonable to consider the option and ignore the Greenies playing to feelings and uninformed hysteria, given what an economic and social backwater the NT is at the moment.

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