Unfortunately I had to leave prior to questions, of which …

Comment on No takers for national nuke waste at public meeting by Trevor Shiell.

Unfortunately I had to leave prior to questions, of which I had two.
Firstly, at Olympic Dam in SA has many kilometers of unused mined out tunnels from which radioactive ore has been extracted largely for our use.
These tunnels are in Proterozoic rocks of the Gawler Craton about 2000 million years old and they host several other mines (prominent Hill, Challenger etc) which may be suitable also.
There is no chance of aquifer pollution and the inserted radioactivity may well be less than that of the ore extracted.
Secondly no mention was made of the radioactive elements involved nor their half lives. The short-sightedness was again shown when the medium level waste would have to be exhumed in 100 years for replacement and that would be at a cost in all probability many times the initial one.
I am not comfortable with leaving this to my grandchildren, but in a recent discussion with some scientifically literate friends it was claimed that the nuclear industry now is in the same state of development as the car industry was in 1920.
We can only hope that this is so.

Recent Comments by Trevor Shiell

Film short on answers for trouble in the streets
It’s a two-edged sword. Many years ago when I was a secondary teacher, an Indigenous boy threw a chair across the room, obviously endangering others.
I took him out of the room to point out the error of his ways. His exact response was: “You can’t touch me. I’m Aboriginal”.
On another occasion a girl was badly behaved and interfering with the learning of others.
When I talked to her she claimed that I was picking on her because of her skin colour.
I responded by saying that my own children had the same skin colour as she had (they are part Fijian). The response was yes but they are not Aboriginal.
A friend of ours, a security guard, apprehended a young Indigenous shoplifter and was threatened with legal action if he was touched.
One has to ask where these ideas that these kids have to have special treatment originate?

$1m from Feds to deal with Central Desert water issues
How is it that Singapore once imported its water from the mainland but now gets 50% of it from recycling?
How is it that Israel (IED Technologies) has transportable desalination / purification units the size of a shipping container, chemical free and environmentally friendly, using reverse osmosis and biofilters, and is producing potable water at 57 cents per cubic metre?
They are heading for 50% of household water to come from desalinated / recycled water.
Now IED is owned by Delek group which opened the world’s largest desalination plant in Haldera in 2011.
Hutchinson Water in Hong Kong is in the same position.
Many years ago, I was a shareholder in Memtech, which developed membranes here to do the same thing. They were commandeered by the US defence and used in the Iraqi war, while we stood watching.
Now all this is being usurped by graphene and nano tube technology and clever chemistry at Monash University School of Chemistry.
Once more we have been living in the past as all this has been in the pipeline for at least eight years while, like the old Roman games, governments have been busy entertaining the people and arguing amongst themselves.

Solar cars are more than silent, fast and cheap to run
If you think electric cars will make a difference wait for the avalanche of electric trucks. Tesla has several models available now, one of which can do from 0 to 100 within a few seconds and offers cost savings of between 20 and 50 or 60 cents per km over diesel.
Imagine what that should do to our alleged cost of transport to here.
At lease two locations between here and Adelaide are planning for this.
Our inertia is staggering. Other major truck manufacturers are right up there with Tesla.
See the Australian Technology “Renew” to really see what is happening while we are focusing on removing our heritage.
Politics, common sense and science are often mutually exclusive.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
History repeats itself-again.
Culling is not the answer as is demonstrated by the antics of Ninti 1 and the subsequent Senate Estimates meeting with then Senator Sean Edwards and green Senator Lee Brihanan (NSW).
There were two contractors at least who were wanting to go in and harvest camels but were prevented from doing so by the “singing” Federal Minister at the time citing possible exploitation of Indigenous people as the reason.
The powers that be once more ignored the obvious science of animal reproduction and the role of pheremones in their behaviour.
I have been chased by a rampant bull, with frothing mouth, trying to seduce a group of females and with a prominent journo (Nicholas Rothwell), witnessed a group of several hundred camels gathered for the same purpose.
Who needs helicopters?
I have seen that twice now. It works for other invasive species as well.
A friend made a small fortune harvesting foxes using their mating smells as a lure. Goats and pigs also respond well to their mating pheremones.
This is so obvious to all who have heard howling mating dingos but ignored by politicians.
Once again there is a lot of info online with the research being all done on the Indian sub continent when it should have been done here.
Now according to the BBC, Somalia wants to repatriate all 10000 animals to their country, and China has removed so many donkeys from the top of Africa that the rural people there have difficulty transporting their food.
Similarly with transporting large animals.
A friend carts camels with a low loader with collapsable sides built to shift houses. The animals simply step onto it.
A proposal was put to the major trading banks that they could support a mobile processing factory with the products used for disaster relief and Australian Aid.
Only Macquarie Bank responded stating that it was not interested in anything not originating from its own office, although Malcom Fraser and Care Australia supported it. So much for banks’ stated policy of social responsibility.

Unfinished business
Recent footage from China where bikes are treated as a disposable item are frightening with thousands of hire bikes piled on street corners awaiting disposal.
This reminded me of police auctions here on a larger scale.
Why not the interstate style where people drive their cars to a rail station and commute by train or bus to the commercial centre?
It might work here with a round of constantly moving electric mini shuttle buses running shuttle service schedules into the CBD from say, four central points as is happening in some other tourist destinations.
The sad part is the constant belief that the current CBD is in the best place.
Times are changing and to shift the main commercial activity centre to the region of the Transport Hall of Fame as a new tourist reception centre and use this as one of the electric shuttle bus depot to and from the current CBD.
It also needs an icon – a giant cameleer, a giant indigenous person?
No one has ever looked at the visitor numbers associated with this area.
Can you imagine a commercial entity like the Golden Arch setting up without studying the traffic flows?
If they did this at the Welcome Rock they might just get a surprise at the lost commercial opportunities.

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