The police complex in Yuendumu I am told cost $7.6m. …

Comment on No takers for national nuke waste at public meeting by Jungarrayi.

The police complex in Yuendumu I am told cost $7.6m. The contract for the Wadeye police complex was let if I recall correctly for $24m.
As Barbara Shaw pointed out, $10m isn’t much if seen in such a context.
As for community consultations, I’ve seen it often enough how Government officials operate. They never take NO for an answer. They’ll come back again and again until the exhausted community caves in, or fails to turn up at a critical poorly advertised meeting.
They’re very good at “smoke and mirrors” and rarely address pertinent questions that don’t fit in with their pre-determined outcomes.

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After The Apology
I’m glad to see there are those that didn’t buy it.

I’m sorry to note that so many did, and still do.

Coniston Massacre remembered
@ Kathy: I attended the 90th anniversary.
A descendant of the Murray family made a beautiful speech which was received in the same spirit in which she gave it.
There was virtually no rancour or animosity evident.
It was all about telling and acknowledging what happened.
Kathy, there was no “wallowing” in the past.
As for Dick Kimber, he’s a historian (and a good one at that), and that is what historians do – they study and tell the past.

They must be joking!
@Alex Nelson (Posted April 18, 2017 at 10:29 am)
I stand corrected. Nothing wrong with rust. From a geological perspective there is not much difference between ochre and rust anyway, both are oxides of iron.
Mind you, Joan Baez’s song “Diamonds and Rust” would lose much of its poetry if it was called “Tetrahedrally crystalized carbon and ochre”.

They must be joking!
@ Heather Wells:
Thanks for your information. You have made my day.
“….come in either a rusted finish or can be powder coated…”
Every dark cloud has its silver lining, thank goodness they didn’t pick the rusted finish.

I’ve printed out the image and am going to take it to our Warlukurlangu Artists centre.

I can see a mass switch to dot rabbits.

They must be joking!
@Interested community Member (the first comment). Sometimes I’m a bit slow off the mark. “A better choice would have been a Kangaroo….”
Indeed!- A Kangaroo Court!

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