@ Michael La Flamme: I agree with your words, the …

Comment on Stand by for fresh Todd dam controversy by Byjingalo.

@ Michael La Flamme: I agree with your words, the problem in your message is we humans. I actually do not think there is a solution to that conundrum because the majority don’t see the issue.

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It is now crystal clear that business is consolidating in Darwin.
What will become of our town with all this economic turmoil going on?
Businesses and people are leaving left, right and centre.

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Alice Springs is not a tourist destination. It’s a smallville service centre with a poor reputation that sticks like Tanami mud.

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@ Sam: #metoo.

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@ Interested Darwin Observer: The welfare industry fuels the economy of Alice Springs and it relies on perpetuating misery of the most venerable people.

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@War machine: I agree he’s essentially a good guy who acted with honourable intention and sound ethics.

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