‘Good riddance’ to Mal Brough



Sir – My Schadenfreude knows no bounds.


Good riddance, Mal Brough.


The people threw you out once before after the debacle of the “intervention”.


We remember the “youth worker” at Mutitjulu who helped spark the confected outrage that was used to justify it, who turned out to be a Brough staffer.


Reminds me of the WMDs in Iraq.


Now your own party has thrown you out again for the alleged behaviour in bringing down a speaker of the Australian Parliament.


Possibly before the police move in.


With some good sense from the Australian people your namesake will soon follow.


Charlie Carter
Alice Springs



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Barry Skipsey
    Posted February 27, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Well said CC. Despite throwing in the towel on the ALP, I can well appreciate your need to celebrate such an announcement. I find myself quietly chuffed as well, believe me.
    I acknowledge those who put up their hand for public service, as I understand the sacrifice of time and personal life. It will never outweigh the personal convictions deeply held. Yes, there is the wage, but let’s not get cynical here. We all need to eat and pay the bills. Suffice to say, I have respect for those that jump the hoops and have the desire to “try and make a difference” and NOT have personnel gain at the helm. Mal Brough is so not in this league.
    Likewise, Slipper was no saint, but he’ll come out of this tawdry affair, for what it’s worth, with a few more marginal brownie points than Brough !
    Brough will go down in history. Apart from this final embarrassing capitulation of going a bridge too far, he’ll be remembered for being the mouthpiece for Johnny Howard’s last ditch effort to desperately hold on to power! The intervention was the sledge hammer that smashed the meagerly funded programs that existed and were actually working at the time.

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