We really are spitting in the face of logic when …

Comment on Todd River dam: It’s all been said before. by Keith Drew.

We really are spitting in the face of logic when the great unwashed of the extreme left tell us we can’t drink the water to sustain us, because we will kill freaking frog!

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The forgotten lesson: Take tough decisions now or borrow against tomorrow into unmanageable debt
The members of 1Territory contain some long serving servants of the Territory. Not just public servants. Political ambition to serve to better the Territory is at the forefront.

Giles on fracking: Sovereign risk a red herring?
The question we have to face is, is it in our interest to supply a mandatory product to Australia like energy.
Labor sold all this offshore asset to international friends. Time to forget. Time to act for Territorians.

Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri
To Marlene and family. Japiltjari will be missed by many. Working with him in Kintore made my work as a Remote areas Parole Officer very much easier. You will be remembered my good friend. Vale my old mate.

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