To quote the “Northern Territory 2015 Road Injury Statistical Summary”: “Road …

Comment on We have four times the nation’s rate of road deaths by Robbo the Wonder Spaniel.

To quote the “Northern Territory 2015 Road Injury Statistical Summary”:
“Road fatalities in the Northern Territory are highly variable and unpredictable. Trend data provides a truer representation of road fatalities and serious injuries in the Northern Territory than annual comparisons.”
The 10 year statistics are very telling, as are those relating to the nature of the accident and the location and the use of seat belts.
Other interesting comments in the report are “underestimated” in relation to alcohol, and “known to be speed related (Note: vehicle speed influences all crashes)” – well of course it does, if all vehicles were stopped there would probably a lot fewer crashes(??). So easily we swallow up media reports of “speed was a factor”.
Add to this the emotive language.
Sorry, but the lies and deceit perpetrated by the authorities under the guise of studies or statistics are so clear to a discerning reader. Obviously there are good things happening, drug and alcohol testing, speed detection in built up areas, but there is also the revenue raising, a key part of policing, unfortunately.

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Blackout: When will we get new generators?
“We’ve done an enormous amount of work over the past six months on a strategy to increase the reliability and efficiency of the power system in Alice Springs and we continue to work with Territory Generation to find the best solution for customers and industry participants.”
… “on a strategy” – translation, we’ve had a lot of meetings and consumed a lot of coffee and the only meaningful outcome is that they will “continue to work with Territory Generation” – in other words, no solution in sight.
“I will not be satisfied until we discover the cause of these outages and develop an action plan to ensure power supply failure isn’t a regular occurrence in Alice Springs.”
People know exactly what the cause is, both underlying and specific to each occasion. To suggest these outages are happening for reasons unknown is ludicrous and insulting at best.
It’s a small town – like everything, the truth gets around.

Call to eat local beef, camel penises for China
Is the camel penis soup a product of milking the camel penis, or cooking the camel penis?

IT and ancient lore, how will they get on?
It seems unlikely new infrastructure will take significantly different paths to existing underground services – a cynical person might see this as a great opportunity to ride publicity on the back of “no real story at all” – except the continuing story of the validity of the sites in the first instance.

Overpass: Monument to govt. waste nears completion
So what is holding up proceedings now? Can I guess?
It’s all ready but the pollies are trying to coordinate their calendars for the pomp and ceremony of the opening?
They’ve even repainted the double white lines, making it illegal to use the joke of a detour – the final insult. Where do we find these muppets?

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