Housing industry rejects Cureton Review findings

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Sir – We provided today a final submission to the NT Government on the Cureton Review, rejecting the recommendations that would add additional red tape to the industry and potentially cost jobs in the sector.
HIA generally supports legislative and administrative changes that will result in improved dispute resolution processes, appropriate consumer protection and increased economic efficiency for the building industry in the Territory.
What HIA cannot support is legislative reform based on subjective theoretical analysis and a range of recommendations that would only result in increased administrative burden and cost to builders, and ultimately impact housing affordability.
We had to actively seek an extension to the submission process to facilitate industry consultation, reflecting the lack of input that has been sought in developing the paper. It is essential that the industry has the opportunity to share their views and concerns in such an important process.
We strongly recommend that government place minimal weight on the findings of the Cureton Review, and take on board the real views and concerns of those in the industry. It was very clear throughout the consultation with our members and other industry stakeholders, that some of the key recommendations in the Cureton Review would risk causing insolvency in the building industry.
A thorough and consultative approach to industry reform is what is required.
Neilia Ginnane (pictured)

Regional Executive Director

Housing Industry Association Ltd



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Maggie
    Posted March 2, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    Hi Neilia
    Could you please explain the difference between the Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA)?
    Do both organisations represent the same builders or have you a different membership?
    Who is your membership?
    Do both organisations have issues with the findings of the Cureton Review?
    Thank you.

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