If it is the same Liz Driver I know, she …

Comment on Industrial use of residential land ‘temporary’ by Meredith.

If it is the same Liz Driver I know, she contributes to our community, if you start hounding her and her business it will be another one that has fallen over.
The price of real estate is shot to shit anyway. So what are you people complaining about. Give them a chance for Christ’s sake. They are not selling, drugs unlike others.

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Is the town over all the talk?
Perhaps the small turnout was because, as I predicted, it was in a council arena and many people were opposed to attending as they felt that it was on the current Mayor’s territory. It was originally organised for a BBQ in an outdoor relaxed area on the lawns of the Long Tan Bar @ the RSL, to not only give some money to the RSL (which has closed its door but to be on neutral grounds). It was requested by the mayor that it be changed to council and the date be changed and as I am a reasonable person I obliged as did the other Mayoral Candidates. Perhaps I / we should not have. Lesson learnt.

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