Your use of the term “indigenous” in referring to Sudanese …

Comment on Black security guards hired to mask racism? by Observer.

Your use of the term “indigenous” in referring to Sudanese people is ridiculous.
Aboriginal, African, European, we are all equally indigenous and endemic to the planet.

Recent Comments by Observer

Police on hunt for young men after ramraid this morning
If a person is unable to call a spade a spade (the police have released multiple photos of multiple offenders) then how exactly can we expect to accurately implement the myriad of discriminatory Government policies and laws under the guise of affirmative action?
Here’s a tip for 2017: Improve your job prospects and help your children have an equal opportunity of a government or trade job / apprenticeship. Tick the indigenous box.
As the comment below indicates, if it is racist to presume an Indigenous person to be Indigenous, the same overly PC attitude applies to presuming a white person is not Indigenous.
2017 – tick the box, break the system!

Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape
The galvanized finish is indeed the end product. No painting or anything further to come.
I have always been uncomfortable with the notion that a sacred tree can have a price tag attached to it. However in this instance, I suspect the TOs (and the general population) would have been better of having a tree or two removed or cut back to allow the construction of a discreet, flood proofed footpath rather than the eyesore which has now been constructed.
A few other notes of interest: The project was designed in Darwin, according to a local structural steel worker the boardwalks were apparently manufactured interstate (good local support to our local steel fabricators) and it appears as if the boardwalks failed to avoid the sacred trees, requiring a costly rework. How much did this cost the taxpayer? $70,000? $90,000? A request to the appropriate department would provide this information.

Bulldoze vile, medieval Don Dale centre: CLP candidate
Steve, you have just gone and destroyed the CLP’s last chance of appealing to rednecks and revenge seeking cowboys.
Who is left to vote for the CLP now?
Certainly not the business community. They are fed up with the dodgy procurement practices, looking after “mates” and discriminatory tendering policies (this, you have gone awfully quite on.)
Dare I say, the only chance that the CLP will even exist come September, is if Giles is dis-endorsed now, the party admits he was a big mistake that should have been dealt with earlier and to stand people of integrity, consistency and critical thinking.
Of course the CLP will still not win, but it is better to start the renewal under your own steam than at the wrath of the electorate.

Palm Valley suffers as buffel intrudes
Cue comment from CLP Araluen nominee, Steve Brown …

CLP candidate rejects ‘racist’ employment policies
@2 Jack: Jack, interesting theory, that party sanctioned separatism and insolence may be at play to achieve the common goal of furthering the CLP’s cause.
However, the CLP has no common goal. There is a small group in the upper realm of the party, operating like a dictatorship, feathering their nest and furthering their own goals, not the party’s and definitely not their electorate’s. The CLP is in complete disarray and merely holding the sinking ship together with bandaid upon bandaid.
There can be no hiding the Giles led CLP minority government continues to manoeuvre itself into an increasingly unlikely re-election position. The privatisation of public assets, TIO and Darwin Port has been received in the community with much alarm. The separation of Power and Water assets should also be viewed as the first steps of privatisations.
Further scandals are such as the Foundation 51 slush fund, “unusual“ granting of water licenses to CLP candidate Tina MacFarlane and the recent unceremonious dispatching of the Deputy Leader. The government’s refusal to establish an anti-corruption commission is telling.
This brings us to the most recent furor that has blown up in Alice Springs. Blatantly racist policies which are unlikely to ever achieve the outcomes of which they are made.
Steve Brown is responding as his personal principles demand, but unfortunately, whilst Giles remains, the principles of other elected members around him will count for nothing. Adam Giles represents the guaranteed oblivion of the CLP.
Do not forget that John Howard, a far savvier politician in a better economic climate, also fell to ego and did not know when to step down for the benefit of the party. If Howard could fall, watch Giles tumble. The end is nigh.

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