It’s all too common, and don’t forget all the riches …

Comment on Black security guards hired to mask racism? by Shannon.

It’s all too common, and don’t forget all the riches that provide all these jobs, riches that whites make on a stolen land. The only people the Commonwealth does not to have a treaty with is its real owners.
Put it this way, when all you see is death, racism and a different laws for whites, as a little native boy is hit and run by a drunk ice addict who got off with a fine, I would rather be drunk too.
We can’t heal when we are target practice every day.
Wake up, if only the pathetic government and you ignorant uneducated people start taking responsibility for what you have done and still continue to do.
And know your world’s oldest culture, and what the British have done, because knowing everything will give you no reason to judge the oppressed.
Things can change when white superior people stop thinking everything is theirs.
I am not proud I have English blood also, because that race of people are proven savages, worse than the wild animal.
You corrupted a beautiful culture and then blame us for your greed and hatred!

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor