Scotty, what is exactly your problem with Aboriginal people? You …

Comment on Black security guards hired to mask racism? by Michael.

Scotty, what is exactly your problem with Aboriginal people? You make it sound personal. Is it only Aboriginal people that create problems in this country?
Your comments sound like you are trying to create a race hate relationship between people. Not good for the country.
If the behaviour of a certain group of people offends you then move on.

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Black security guards hired to mask racism?
Hey Scotty: You quote: “Can you let the other 99% know that working is good.” You also quote that you have numerous friends who are Aboriginal, who work hard. Somehow your number of 99% does not add up.

Black security guards hired to mask racism?
Hey Scotty. What a Life. I wake up, go to work come home, sleep, go to work, pay taxes.
Have been doing so for a long time and I am Aboriginal as do a lot of other Aboriginal people.
Racism … Yes indeed?

Recent Comments by Michael

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David, what is your point and why? Are you trying to start another racist debate?
Congratulations to the students who obtained certificates.
If you don’t like it, David, then zero zero zero out of the Territory.

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Fred the Philistine.
Interesting the comments coming through about taxpayers funding Aboriginal programs.
Taxpayers also fund retired politicians pensions yet no comment is made about this. Is there a problem with Aboriginal people in this country?
Would be interesting to see what amount of taxpayers money goes towards retired politicians each year plus their other entitlements such as airfares etc.

Indigenous marathon – the chosen few
Reclaim your tax money. Your hard earned money is earned on stolen Aboriginal land. Let’s call it compensation.

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Energised and at the football at 8.30am. Who is throwing stones.

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