Michelle and Scotty, paint yourselves up and go out and …

Comment on Black security guards hired to mask racism? by Dennis Braun.

Michelle and Scotty, paint yourselves up and go out and ask for a job, see how far you go.
Okay, why are the security agencies employing black people from another country to control airports, court houses and supermarkets? Because it’s the government’s policy to bring them over here and give them a job straight up.
You say the government and racists have a problem with boat people. We (Aborigines) had this problem for more than 200 years.

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Jobs the answer to plight in the bush
Where are all the educated black people who are leaving me hanging? I am getting shot down and I need your support.
Daniel Boon, thanks you my brother, oh Dan, you forgot to mention the priests, the mass murders and we are constantly hearing of the Jewish mass killing but none here about the murders.

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