Buffel grass has been spreading across the country now …

Comment on Todd River: Trees in, buffel out by Laurie Butcher.

Buffel grass has been spreading across the country now for years and it has replaced native grass in many places.
My question is, what chemical spray will be used to remove this grass and what effect will this have on the native animals and insects, frogs (etc) who have adapted to this buffel?
Because it is a known fact that certain chemical sprays leave a toxic trail killing everything else, plus the grass and contaminating the soil and water supply.
How much toxic spray will be needed to clean up the Todd River? And where will this waste end up, on whose property?
If round up – glyphosate or any glyphosate is being used, the long term effects on plant and animals (etc) will be dramatic as research has already proven this.

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Todd River: Trees in, buffel out
Well Alex Nelson, as a reply to your comment, posted 8th April 12.02.
As a young fellow there was no buffel grass where I grew up in the desert, until town mob dropped bags of seed for locals (Aboriginal people) to spread by horse.
Guess where the bags come from mate, you must know, having been there for so long.
Anyway go talk to Colin Stanton, he can fill in the question marks on buffel grass introductions (arid zone area).
And as you said, there is no obvious long term adverse impact on the environment from the use of chemicals (round up) etc. You better check the word “Monsanto” and while you are at it, ask South Australia why they have put an outright ban on “Monsanto” and its genetic modification of food products, as many other countries around the world have done.
Then ask the Hawaiians what they think about Roundup which was tested on their islands and just about wiped them out.
Roundup has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and cancer.
And as you say, weeds are developing resistance to Roundup chemicals, why? Because the seeds are genetically engineered to contain and withstand massive amounts of “Monsanto” herbicides and pesticides, PCBs are Carcinogenic, but still illegally dumped in waterways, where they build up in plants, food crops, fish, other aquatic life forms then into human food supply.
So why would anyone trust “Monsanto” to produce food, when they also invented “Agent Orange” alongside their partner, Dow Chemical (Dioxin laced) and sold if off to the US military, then it was used in Vietnam on US soldiers and innocent civilians.
DDT is Monsanto. And Monsanto was behind the development of the bombs, which they dropped on Japan in the second world war and the Third Reich’s go-to chemical manufacturer producing Zyklon B gas during world World War Two.
Roundup ready and BT technologies lead to resistant weeds and insects that make farming harder to reduce sustainability: Quoted by “Union of concerned scientists”. And the next time you go shopping, don’t forget the Kelloggs’ Fruit Loops, which by the way are 100% genetically engineered and Monsanto says they are safe for kids.
Or is this just too hard to put together and out of sight, out of mind is preferred option.

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