Fred The Philistine: One thing buffel grass loves is fires, …

Comment on Todd River: Trees in, buffel out by John.

Fred The Philistine: One thing buffel grass loves is fires, the more you burn it the better it grows. In Queensland the stations use fires to boost the growth and freshen the grass up.

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Copping ‘mental and physical abuse’ on top of serving time: Dylan Voller’s evidence to the NT Royal Commission
Regardless of his age let’s see a list of the crimes he has committed and I can assure you a lot of people will be shocked.

Rocky Hill: More water, no charge
Fred the Philistine. The reason you pay for water is that the government supplies the water to you and do all maintenance etc. The Hayes family have to cover all costs themselves and I can tell you the costs are not cheap.
If a station supplies their own power they are not expected to pay for it, nor should they. Every station in the country have to supply their own water for personal and stock use and are not expected to pay for it.
The Hayes family have set up Rocky Hill at huge costs and should be allowed to get a return.

Rocky Hill: More water, no charge
Erwin, you do not mention that the Hayes family had to drill the bore, equip the bore, pay for power to run they bore, maintain the the equipment down the hole as well as a lot of other huge costs.
How much do rural residents have to pay for water if they have their own bore. I am a rural resident.

How Alice missed the Big One, spin continues
Fred, guess who makes most of the mess in the river, so it is a bit rough to then complain. It maybe better to not create the mess and then they would not have to complain.

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