I’m glad “Elvis” wasn’t in charge of dealing with polio, …

Comment on Todd River: Trees in, buffel out by Cogs.

I’m glad “Elvis” wasn’t in charge of dealing with polio, for example. Nothing like saying “its impossible” as a reason to do nothing. Good politician material.

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2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up
Cultural sensitivities aside, of all the useful sensible things $1.5m to $2m could be directed to in this community, is this facile self serving “piss it up against the wall” ego trip even in the hunt!
The Romans had their circus. The French were “offered” cake when they needed bread.
Why not just splash it up against the side of the overpass. Better still, give us back Rego stickers, or at least the option to have them.

‘Federal tribunal penalises small truckies’
One more thing Bill et al: If the reports are true that Bill Shorten has vowed that if elected, he will get all Owner Drivers off the road, you will get one of your “rathers” – you will certainly pay more than “a little more for goods,” but I guarantee you road safety won’t be improved as a consequence. See my April 17 posts.

‘Federal tribunal penalises small truckies’
Bill, while there are any number of reasons why some truck drivers take pills “to stay awake”, poor pay would be near the bottom of the list.
Threat of no work is however, right at the top, because for many owner drivers, their contracts are with the likes of a big supermarket chain, who demand unreasonable (i.e. unrealistic within legal driving hours etc.) interstate delivery schedules, and in today’s world of “just in time” stock reserves (i.e. diminishing backroom storage facilities / capacity), this just doesn’t only apply to transport of perishables.
And this can happen for some company drivers too. In either case, the implied or articulated threat is along the lines of “if you can’t hack the pace, there are plenty more wanting your job / contract – take it or leave it”. That’s the short version.
So removing the owner diver out of the picture, or dictating what pocket he puts his pay in, is irrelevant – the big retailers and manufacturers are often the source of the dilemma.

Road ahead not clear for owner-operators
R Henry is spot on.
What about Doctors!?

‘Federal tribunal penalises small truckies’
And Fred, this has nothing to do with “people in the NT think they can do anything they like” or “the NT has the highest road fatalities in Australia”. Use your cognitive skills, please.

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