Deputy Chief Minister and Business Minister Peter Styles calls on …

Comment on Fracking: More details from Labor on policy by Toby.

Deputy Chief Minister and Business Minister Peter Styles calls on Opposition leader Michael Gunner “to abandon his reckless policy position and join with the Government to provide bi-partisan support to the onshore gas industry and the prosperity and thousand of jobs that it guarantees”.
What is reckless about that is, there is not only the possible pollution of water, but more worrying, the use of millions of liters of water in the fracking process.
We cannot afford to allow it to be used and wasted this way, especially, in our most driest regions, if not most parts of our country. Our water is most precious. So I am against fracking. After all, we can’t drink gas.

Recent Comments by Toby

‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
A string of Territory governments themselves have posed a threat to democracy, not Aboriginal people from the bush by not voting.
There are backstabbing and all sorts of power plays, shafting and dumping left right and centre including that of people who were voted into government by Aboriginal people to represent them.
All that does not instil any measure of confidence or trust in government, particularly with people from the bush who are aware that monies that should go to bush programs, are funnelled into all sorts of projects in Darwin.
So this is probably why people of the bush don’t care to vote anymore.

‘Gunner the Betrayer’
Could Gunner be telling porkies as well as being a sellout?
Fracking has been given the green light by Gunner’s mob despite uttering noises to the contrary.
Gunner says he knows nothing about US plans to establish a naval base near Darwin and upgrade of Tindal airbase for US purposes.
Can we expect an about face on that too?

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
The media reports about the $300m push by the US Navy to construct a naval base in Darwin.
This is a concern because at what point did the people of Darwin, the NT and in fact Australia, ask for or were consulted about the US defence deployment, and now construction of US military defence facilities in the Top End with talk of a further $70m for US upgrades to Tindal Airforce base?
And how is it – as reported – that the US Congress can be working on a Draft Congressional Bill in their defence legislation for the Secretary of the Navy to acquire property for military construction outside the US such as in the NT?
All the Australian Defence Department can reportedly say about it is: “Too early to comment on the US military plans for the NT.”
The US can legislate on matters to do with our country and the Australian government just allows it to happen?
Matters of alliance can be reasonably understood, but to allow the US to legislate on matters to do with our country is going a bit too far.

How many Welcomes to Country is too many?
@ Bruce Francais: Yes Bruce, it is done to death – political correctness overboard – particularly by government.
Government believe they are right up with it, acknowledging Aboriginal people with that charade while not properly delivering on programs to Aboriginal people still stuck with hangovers of the intervention that controls their income management and self determination.
In the end it begins to cheapen what it’s all about – like it can be bandied around any old time, not reserved for very real and important occasions of significance. Just plain stupid and insulting.

Fracking duel at 50 paces
What does the Origin spokesperson mean “Our Native Title Holders”?
Does Origin mean the ones they have in their pocket – a divide and conquer style approach helped by the NLC?
And NLC determines the rightful native title owners for Origin’s permit areas? Looks and sounds like it.

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