Yes, Kamare, who is the chair? Are they a native …

Comment on Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again by Dr Wrongo.

Yes, Kamare, who is the chair? Are they a native title holder, a member of one of the three estate groups? Ken obviously isn’t, being Western Arrernte. Are their any apmereke-artweye on the board? Are they ever consulted?

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Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
There is a big story in this place about an intruder coming in without respect and trying to take what isn’t theirs.
Caused a lot of anguish and trouble for the locals but ultimately got his just rewards. You can see his guts spread around on the westside of town. Lhere Artepe would do well to remember this story if they know it. Or learn it from a local.

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
Who is the chair shame job? Have they any atyemeye or arrenge for this place or are they from somewhere else?
If I remember rightly the people eligible to be members are descendants of the original inhabitants and recognised as such by apmereke-artweye.
So can this chair with no atyemeye decide who can be a member? Or is the organisation corrupted by power and money hungry people with no respect?

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
Hal: Lhere Artepe was not set up to look after town campers. It was set up to look after the interests of native titleholders of untulye, irlpme and mparntwe.
That’s just a few families descended from the original owners of these places. Most town campers are from elsewhere.
Mind you, I think quite a few Lhere Artepe members have somehow got themselves on the books despite having little or no connection to these places.
Shamejob: There has been a vote of no confidence in the whole organisation by the senior custodians who are not shown the appropriate respect and rarely if ever consulted.
They have watched the organisation ready to destroy any sacred site for the same of a few dollars. The government loves Lhere Artepe, it makes it easy to get any development approved – just wave a few dollars at the right (wrong) people and away you go.
The government knows the organisation is flawed but consulting them gets the government off the hook.
If it goes wrong it is Lhere Artepe’s fault. I’ve seen government minister laughing at how they play this system. Complete shamejob. But those power brokers in Lhere Artepe have no shame.

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A vote for Labor is a vote for fracking, climate change and poisoned water.
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They will definitely be chasing those votes / preferences next time.
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