As a long term resident of AS and the current …

Comment on Alice Prize winning work speaks of country, art history by Kalikamurti Suich.

As a long term resident of AS and the current Chair of the Friends of Araluen what a delight it has been in the last 2-3 weeks to have attended 4 different events at Araluen and one in the Araluen precinct at Central Craft. From visual art through to a theatre production and a comedy, it has been a suite of opportunity to experience and engage with the arts in a way that can only be dreamed about in the big smoke. Araluen and all that it offers provides this town with a world class stage and production team who, time after time move heaven and earth to ensure that visiting and and residential artists are cared for.
Anyone who attended the Alice Art prize on Friday would have heard the judge Chris Saines the Director of the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, waxing lyrical as to the Alice Art Prize, the calibre of entries and of course the magnificent surrounds and country itself. Like many East coasters he was shocked (even though) he said he shouldn’t have been, to realise the depth of cultural experience here in the red centre.
Friends of Araluen offers Alice Springs residents an opportunity to continue to support Araluen and the whole precinct at a time when arts funding has been savaged, and the arts in all its form is undervalued, misunderstood and unappreciated by many in government.
So I am asking old Friends and new friends to consider renewing or become a member> There are benefits, discounts to shows, invites etc. However, the real reason is that if we value the arts and the continued exposure to the arts for ourselves and our children of Alice Springs we need to personally invest.
Kalikamurti Saraswati Suich Alice Springs

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