Native title bid for Alice Crown land

p2325-Lhere-Artepe-1By ERWIN CHLANDA


Two Aboriginal groups are seeking support from the local native title organisation for the creation of sizeable “living areas” adjacent to existing suburbs, currently Crown Land labeled future development or conservation.


This is revealed in a document headed “Chairperson and Directors – Brief of Lhere Artepe” leaked to the Alice Springs News Online.


The document itself has no date but it contains a letter dated March 23, 2016.


One area sought is adjacent to the upmarket Stephens Road subdivision in the eastern part of the town, and the other in the north-western corner of the municipality near the end of Albrecht Drive.


One submission, for Lot 9872, is from a member of the Kunoth family seeking “another possible living area located within the Alice Springs area.


“The first location [not defined] was found to be culturally unsuitable for establishing a living area or residential block for the Kunoth’s family.”


Lot 9872 is more than 44 hectares. Part of that land, the areas in orange, are marked for further development.


The document includes a map of Mt Johns and Lot 9872 with a rectangle drawn inside measuring about 80 meters by 120 meters.


The much larger area, Lot 8089, nearly 206 hectares, is sought by the Liddle and Campbell Family to develop a “family residential area”.
p2325-Lhere-Artepe-2The Liddle / Campbell submission says it wants action under the Native Title determination in Alice Springs by the Federal Court providing “rights to possession, occupation, use and enjoyment” of land.


The submission requests “each family being allocated their own parcel of land” so native title holders can “establish themselves as people with stature with the community with [their] own residential areas.


“This would also meet the objectives” of Lhere Artepe.


The land should be “vested in or transferred … for the benefit of Native Title Holders”.


The document includes a letter signed by a member of the Liddle – Campbell family which states she is seeking a “family residential area within Alice Springs that will allow for our elderly, sick members and all other Liddle, Campbell members to develop as our living area”.


The Alice Springs News Online has requested comment from Lhere Artepe.


PLEASE NOTE the maps are of different scales. Areas marked for future development (FD) are shown in orange.



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Hmmmm
    Posted April 30, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Is that block not culturally appropriate for the Kunoth family because they’re not from here?
    I thought they were from somewhere far to the northwest.
    And who’s that place down alongside Charley Creek for? You know that place, people call it Kunoth’s Camp?

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