Threat of rain on Bangtail parade could not keep them away

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Thousands turned out along the route of the annual Bangtail Muster parade this morning. Showers overnight and grey skies could not keep spectators away, nor the scores of community groups who took part.


The parade’s cattle industry roots are a matter of memory now. Its coincidence with the labour traditions of May Day can still be seen. But more than anything it has become a celebration of community life – of many of the ways people organise themselves to bring services and enjoyment to those around them, especially the young.


It’s a chance to dress up, whether in fantasy costume or the garb of different cultural traditions.


It wouldn’t be Alice Springs without the display of machines on wheels of every order.


And it wouldn’t be a Bangtail Muster these days without the pre-schoolers.



– Kieran Finnane



























































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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Michael Dean
    Posted May 2, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Must be an election coming … Eli is telling everyone how great they are.

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  2. Eli Melky
    Posted May 2, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Thank you Alice Springs News for your Bangtail Muster special, this year’s event had over 1000 participants of all ages dressed in a variety of outfits from the beautiful to the spectacular.
    As always it was the pre-schoolers who stole the show with mums and dads not far away taking happy snaps. The Rotary Club of Alice Springs is proud to have presented the community of Alice Springs for the past 53 years or so the Bangtail Muster Parade and we are looking forward to many more in the future.
    Many thanks to all those who have taken the time and organised their parade floats and entries, your contribution is priceless. A big thank you also to the Alice Springs Town Council who each year provide invaluable support. To the Police, Fire Rescue and Emergency services and to the Department of Transport for your support, thank you.
    Thank you also to the NT Government for your Grant support and the many organisations who were also involved in helping out in making sure the parade ran smoothly.
    Huge thank you to each and every member of the Rotary Club of Alice Springs who without your help this parade just would not be possible, you know who you are.
    Finally, to David Mortimer a Rotarian, a Paul Harris Fellow and a valued member of the club who was your organiser again this year, Congratulations on a wonderful and successful event.
    See you all next year.
    Best wishes:
    Eli Melky
    President Rotary Club of Alice Springs

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