Are there more details about the public launch? …

Comment on Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark by Alex Kelly.

Are there more details about the public launch?

Recent Comments by Alex Kelly

Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
A great first step. Well done to Jimmy Cocking and the Alice community for pushing this. Look forward to further actions.

Help from fracking campaigner, or orchestrating students?
Erwin, this is an appalling article. You’ve fallen for and run with the deliberate smear campaign of the fossil fuel companies who have sought to undermine the youth climate movement by suggesting “the world-wide school strike movement being exposed to influence from established pressure groups”.
I am deeply frustrated to see you push this line.
The Australian article that you cite has been roundly discredited. Anna Rose has had nothing to do with the AYCC for many many years. The organisation has a principle that staff have to leave the org once they turn 30. It was such a rubbish industry spin piece I can’t believe you use that to back up your claims.
One and a half million young people around the world have called for action on climate change and rightly so. We need urgent action to arrest the devastating impacts on our natural world – and all of our lives.
As someone who has recently left Alice Springs, in large part due to the increasing climate impacts, I am devastated to see this beat up “in the public interest” rather than a questioning of our political “leaders” about what the hell they are doing to respond and prepare for the horrors to come.
All my solidarity to the kids – thank goodness you are providing us with a spark of possibility in these dark times. And three cheers for all the adults, parents, teachers and orgs who have got behind the kids.
We must rise.

Australia’s top furniture designer in 2017: Alice’s Elliat Rich
Congratulations Elliat! Inspiring work as ever!

They must be joking!
Thanks for writing this Kieran. It really does seem a fitting ridiculous cherry on top of a bloody sad and awful new development. Still can’t believe this slipped past so many of us who would have willingly fought to restrict such a monstrosity. So worried for the grand narrative this building asserts as it towers and casts shadows across town. A tragic metaphor in steel and glass. As if a sprightly yellow bunny fixes any of it.

Meeting at the crossing
sounds brilliant!

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