@ Elvis: You’re correct in your comment about the “latest” …

Comment on Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark by Matthew.

@ Elvis: You’re correct in your comment about the “latest” chairperson for Lhere Artepe, however she also calls Mrs Stuart Mum / aunty when she wants her support. She’s just a little girl when it comes to Doris.
If the “chairperson” may like confirm to all her true place in Mpartnwe.
P.s.: The next chairperson will be claiming the same title, it’s just a merry-go-round.

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Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
Thank you, Penangke and Perrurle, for the information. I wonder how many snakes will be changing skins now. hahahaha.

Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
Mr Westley can now add to his website that he has no respect for Custodians and their story for land.
He prefers to listen to the wrong people with their own made up stories who have no right to speak on someone else’s country.
He can also join the multitude of those that are educating the young with all the wrong information.
Jacinta, I would have thought you would have had more sense than to back an event that was wrong from the beginning especially when your mother calls Mrs Stuart “sister”.
Shame on you!

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A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
@ Mabel: Don’t go making comments about people and things you know nothing about without proof.

Native title body CEO quits, no comment from chair
Hehehe … don’t you just love it when the circus comes to town? Oh, silly me, these clowns are always here and so hard to get rid of.

2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up
@ Elvis: I read frustration in your comment, maybe it’s because YOU can’t talk for THIS country!
Yes the world is changing and when the proper custodians are consulted everyone benefits because the correct processes are followed.
AAPA has a lot to answer for when these processes are not adhered to and custodians are left to pick up the pieces again!

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