I was born here in this beautiful land, I lived …

Comment on Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark by Alyperenye.

I was born here in this beautiful land, I lived in Alice Springs all my life, that make me a kwerterngwele.
I think Jacinta will do a great job, it doesn’t matter where she comes from. I think it’s gonna be really good for Mbantua / Alice Springs and its people, black and white.
And for your information Jacinta, has Arrente blood in her veins from her mother’s side, she is both Arrente and Walpiri, so that makes her a kwerterngwele.
Just to let people know what kwerterngwele means,it means custodian and in Aboriginal culture this person, the kwerterngwele, works for the land they represent to make it better to help the traditional land owners or Ampere akwete.

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