Hopefully Territorians can see through this. Giles is trying to …

Comment on Education held to ransom in Giles fracking bid by Braedon Earley.

Hopefully Territorians can see through this. Giles is trying to by a public license from the people. There is no scientific argument that confirms beyond all reasonable doubt that fracking is safe for the environment. If its not safe, don’t do it. 1 Territory will ban fracking if elected to office, in the Northern Territory.

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Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs
Same thing happened to the people at Jillkminggan. Muninga wungitch na carbida, Ma.

Braitling preferences ‘not a get Giles exercise’
What a lost opportunity. They all played perfectly into Giles’s plan.
He wasn’t interested in anyone else in his party winning a seat, only his own.
He knew his opponents better than he thought, well played Giles.
Might I suggest some of you political savants get together and work out a strategy, which doesn’t include you be played for what it looks like you are.

Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles
Message to self: Don’t place family and self and others at risk, carry two spares on long road trips.

Brian Martin steps down from Royal Commission
@ Brown: No, Steve, the scapegoats need to be hunted down in the Country Liberal Party and the Labor Party (previous ministers for corrections and children’s services) and dealt with according to law, so this never happens again.
If this commission doesn’t get them, then let’s hope like hell 1 Territory gets elected, because the Independant Commission Against Corruption we introduce, complete with whistle blower legislation, will. That is an iron clad gaurantee.

Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles
Sensational news. Giles cant beat Melky, and the stain on politics in the Northern Territory will be at an end.

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