2600 make it a big day for Steiner School

p2329-Steiner-6By ERWIN CHLANDA


The Steiner School Fair lived up to its reputation of being a huge community event, attracting 2600 visitors on Saturday.


Principal Brian Dodd says it was scaled back a little from last year’s record event which raised $40,000, but “the event was scaled back a little from last year to make it more sustainable for parents.


“Whilst it is a fundraising event, it is a magical day for the children and the community and showcases the fantastic work the children have done so far this year.”


He says despite its modest size – 200 students – in the network of Steiner schools around the nation, the Alice Springs school is among the highest fundraisers.


And every year the locals – attending for the fun, the children’s performances, and the variety of stalls with goods ranging from plants to cakes – see a new building on the sprawling campus at the foot of the MacDonnell Ranges.


Mr Dodd says the school receives Federal funding of about 75% for the new buildings.


They are a mixture of demountables and solid construction, and reflect the self-help and creative dedication of the Steiner community.


The school was founded in 1996 at Araluen and moved to the current site in 2005.


PHOTO at top: Class two performing with teacher Adelaide Church.




ABOVE and BELOW: The produce stall had plants and cakes, offered by Renee Ohlmus (photo below, right).





ABOVE: Lisa Lewis was busy making pancakes.




ABOVE: The Rotary Club of  Stuart provided a BBQ. Among the helpers were (from left) Jonathan Diment, Peter Harding, Tony Jennison and Peter Kay.



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Dalton Dupuy
    Posted May 23, 2016 at 11:48 am

    From a pretty barren and bleak block in 2005 with rattling second hand demountables and fewer than 60 students – what a fantastic transformation! A credit to the young people, their parents, teachers, school board and the community. Congratulations to ASSS.

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