A brilliant idea (which will no doubt be killed in …

Comment on Skywalk Budget item could be game changer for Alice by Chandra.

A brilliant idea (which will no doubt be killed in it’s infancy by those objecting to everything) and one that could be extended to many parts of the Territory.

Recent Comments by Chandra

We are in deep trouble and 2017 will be worse: Gerritsen
So this is the amount allocated to control people who cannot behave themselves, run a normal family or get a job and fit into society:
$768m to prevent criminals from injuring others.
$149m to cart injured criminals and their victims to hospital.
$7m to try and stop men hitting women.
$2m to accommodate more crims.
Total: $926million.
It is probably realistic too, but it means there is no place for hard working, normal people in this totally dysfunctional place … and no rewards for being a good citizen.
At the first opportunity, I will attempt to sell my old home to any first home buyer to make me offer, regardless of which government hands out the money post election.

Generous Giles? Not.
It is a pity that science has become associated with fringe groups, albeit powerful ones which will ride roughshod over the incoming Labor government in August, as it is their intention inflict much damage on a reasonably viable industry.
Regardless of the radicals’ claims, fracking is a very old and reliable method of extraction and NT will suffer greatly if the gas industry is extinguished.
I believe the South Australian Labor government, having decided to close down the coal industry, is now tentatively seeking approval to go nuclear.
I wonder if the NT too will go nuclear once people receive power bills similar to those of SA? Stranger things have happened.

Melky for Braitling? It’s a maybe.
I too have an interest in statistics and I have concluded from Mr Walcott’s Facebook that his supports are Labor voters egging him on in order to benefit (not that there was any doubt) from his preferences.
Why bother you may ask?
Well, not too many feel Mr Gunner is very appealing I suggest, so this is a clayton’s bid for Labor to obtain the seat – the Labor pollie you get when not actually voting Labor. But as I say, my interest is in the statistics – and betting.

New power station: The other side of the $75m coin.
@ Jimmy Cocking: No sir, nothing is beyond debate.
By the closing of the Port Augusta power station and consequently, Leigh Creek, this will put many blue collar employees out of work as the government moves to renewable energy.
So South Australia has gone from cheap, reliable power that employed their own people to expensive, BROWN coal power supplied by Victoria.
Because renewable energy cannot supply anywhere near this state’s daily requirements, they need to tap into the Victorian grid.
Victoria has no plans to shut down brown coal mining, but to increase production, in order to obtain revenue.
Of cause none of this makes any sense but it will be the future if people are not paying attention to the costs involved when electing governments.
The NT has very cheap power – until the next election if Labor gets in.
Information about power costs is here.

New power station: The other side of the $75m coin.
As a consumer, I think Mr Tolner has made a very good case. We all hope that one day science will harness the sun to provide all the pollution-free energy we need. That time has not yet come.

I did once believe (or hope) that renewable energy was right for Australia – but it is not.

It seems that renewable energy, like other conservation issues, has left the realm of science and is now a religion. As as atheist I cannot subscribe to religious views of any sort, so I now reject the renewable doctrine of 2016 as being a fallacy.

Perhaps if Mr Giles went to the election with the just facts and figures regarding the cost to each NT consumer of energy and other bills we would expect to pay under his government versus Labor, then he might have half a chance of winning.

I am voting with my wallet this election – my budget is very tight.

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