What a terrifically positive article about the ingenious work of …

Comment on Plan for jobs, income and cultural understanding by Marg James.

What a terrifically positive article about the ingenious work of Mbantua, (Alice Springs) Elders and community.
Highlighting the view that the traditional owners of this beautiful town enjoy sharing their culture, with all people, is great.
Too often journalists choose to feed stereotypical racial tensions, when in fact in the majority of cases “Australians” prefer to live in harmony and help one another.
This is another excellent example of community-driven employment and training for young people through being involved in their cultural heritage. Not only will this result in relevant jobs, but also in the transmission of that ancient culture to the younger generation.
We at Honey Ant Readers know that Akeyulerre Inc will grow and become an icon in Alice Springs.
We wish them all the best and look forward to following their growth into a major Arrernte, community and tourist asset which will benefit everyone.

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