Interesting that it has taken so long to come out. …

Comment on Department mum on public funds paid to Deek by Paul Lelliott.

Interesting that it has taken so long to come out. I met with John Bell several years back and he was extremely agitated that he received no compensation or remuneration from advice he provided to establish this project.
This has to be rectified by way of financial settlement I would hope.
John Bell can you please send Robert de Castella an invoice for professional services that you provided.
And Robert can you please detail what outcomes you have achieved that benefit the youth of Central Australia.
And to the Department of Health: Are you able to send to me the guidelines for this and future projects.
I have an idea which will generate enormous media coverage. Sadly I cannot forecast any worthwhile outcomes for the community. bBut I will promote it with all good intentions.

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Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day
You and Kieran are indeed ahead of your time. You have led the way in reporting with integrity and thoughtful research.
Sadly your columns have been largely ignored by those who seek nothing but self promotion and I have seen first hand the difficulty that you have both experienced in encouraging open debate across many forums.
You must have an interesting database. I often wondered why you never syndicated your journalism not only to broaden the readership but to force debate. I keep in touch from afar thanks to your online presence.
Self Appointed Ambassador for Central Australia
Paul Lelliott

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